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  • George Robertson
    commented 2024-01-25 11:51:41 -0600
    Our company,NDS,prints and delivers doorhangers to homes nationwide.We can help get the message out to potential voters. We have over 50 years experience working on over 100 campaigns so far.Please call me 773-975-8300.Thanks, George Robertson
  • Don Guinter
    commented 2023-12-20 11:04:48 -0600
    I cannot believe we let the mayor and CTU torpedo the Invest In Kids Act! I’m shocked that all of you in Springfield allows this to happen! Especially knowing that the Pres of CTU and their top lobbyist send their children to private schools!
  • Suryarao. Mudragada
    commented 2023-09-22 13:58:18 -0500

    My father spent his career studying buildings and I’ve continued his work the last 50 years. Buildings can either be good luck or bad luck. You are mainly concerned about the architecture. I like to focus on aspects that make good luck buildings in US. I found that all non-rectangular and round buildings were found to be very bad luck buildings throughout history. The US became the richest country in the world because it followed linear architecture during the first 300 years in its history.

    Here are some examples of good luck buildings in the US:

    1. Williamsburg Governors Building

    2. Independence Hall in Philadelphia

    3. White House and Capital Hill

    4. N.Y. Stock Exchange

    Here are some examples of good luck buildings outside the US:

    1. The Louvre

    2. Vatican Governor’s Palace

    3. Canterbury Cathedral

    4. Canadian Parliament

    5. Buckingham Palace

    6. British Parliament

    Dr.Surya Rao Mudragada.M.D.U.S.A.

    Please try your best to pass this message to all your family members and to all your friends.

    Discovered and Written by:

    Vasthu Samrat: Mudrageda Rama Rao(He was the only person in the history of this world who did real research about Linear architecture.)

    10/27/1913 – 5/4/1988

    Mudrageda Rama Rao’s Theory-features of good luck buildings in this world.

    1.Rectangular lot and house

    2.Facing South or West

    3.Elevation on South and West sides

    4. Slope on North and East sides

    5.Bedrooms on South and West sides

    6.Kitchen on South east side.

    7. Rectangular fence or compound wall enclosing the property will save your marriage and family.

    8. No water on the south and west sides of the building.

    9. Death starts on the oldest and follows the old age,no one younger will die in a house with above features,so no childhood cancers in that house.

    10. U.S.A is the only country in this world fallowed linear architecture during the 1st 300 years of its history,now for the past 70 yrs,they are not fallowing the linear architecture.Please try your best to bring back linear architecture to America to keep it`s greatness forever.
  • Jericho Nelson
    commented 2023-06-02 07:59:26 -0500
    Hello, I am reaching out in regards of possible opportunities to serve Illinois and all its wonderful people. I am currently a Junior attending college in Missouri, but am a proud and enthusiastic Illinois citizen. For the longest time, I have admired and cherished the great state of Illinois, from its heritage, possibilities and most importantly its people. But as of late I have seen the State of Illinois take a drastic turn for worse. I am reaching out in hopes of getting involved in any capacity as I can to help get Illinois back on track for its people. I am willing to learn in any way I can, gain any experiences, and serve in whatever capacity is needed. I am looking for opportunities to help wherever it is best needed. I would just like to be involved. Even a referral to a place or a person would be wonderful, I am here to serve. If there is any advice or wisdom that could be shared, that would be greatly appreciated as well. Presently, I am currently serving as a Summer Intern for the Family Research Council relating Policy and Government Affairs. As I have stated, I have high optimism and passionate enthusiasm for the State of Illinois and I would love to play a part in leading this great state to its brightest days. Whatever it is, I am willing. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing your response.
  • Dave Nehf
    commented 2023-01-01 20:58:41 -0600
    Please vote against HB 5855.
  • Marko Sukovic
    published this page 2021-11-27 16:22:41 -0600